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Home Olympics

A series of fun challenges that gets the team away from the screen and compete with colleagues to have their team top the leaderboard

Group Size




20 - 60 mins


Indoor / Virtual

AboutHome Olympics

The teams are divided into groups and each group is presented with an exciting range of challenges The team members will need to collaborate and work together to complete the challenges and beat the clock The challenges are designed to help the team discover fun aspects about colleagues and help push boundaries

Ideal For

Teams that are looking to have some fun while also staying physically and mentally fit. Works for all levels of the organization

Key Focus Areas

  • Know your Teammates
  • Boost Morale
  • Identify Individual Strength
  • Fun and Play

Why Home Olympics ?

With most people staying local and everything shut down, this is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a day of fun activities and friendly competition. And it’s not just about the events — it’s the team spirit!


Do I need any sporting equipment?
Nope. We just need the same spirit that you have while watching your favorite sport
Will there be any physical tasks?

Just enough to keep the spirits high and the fun going.

Do I need to have specific knowledge about sports or the Olympics?

Absolutely not.

Will I need an internet connection at all times?

Yes. An active internet connection makes sure you stay in the game and enjoy the essence of it.

Customer Testimonials

"I want to specially acknowledge the team building activities that were conducted because each team building activity had some creativity and action. We had a lot of fun and we also got to know a lot of team members who are relatively new. " - Sriram

"We really liked the activities conducted, it was a great stress buster to us and more importantly we got the opportunity to interact with all team members. I had great fun. Thank you Team Activators" - Anusha