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Virtual Acapella

The team collaborates to create a musical masterpiece that involves every single one of them

Group Size




20-40 mins


Indoor / Virtual

AboutVirtual Acapella

Each team member will be tasked in creating specific parts of the track as per specific instructions and guidelines: vocals, beats, tones and body percussion The activity is designed to work with members who don't possess high musical abilities Our team will create an acapella video that integrates all the fragments into a beautiful symphony

Ideal For

Lifting morale of a team, Creating a digital footprint, Engaging at an organization level and Integrating new teams

Key Focus Areas

  • Shared Memory
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Collaboration
  • Foster Team Spirit

How does it work

People record multiple videos, layering them to create harmonies a la Pitch Perfect. It's actually a technique musicians have been using for years – we just make it much easier and more accessible for you to have the best experience possible!


Do I have to be an expert in singing to take part?
Absolutely not. As long as you sing from your heart. It's all that matters!
Do I need any special equipment?

A mobile phone and a working internet connection is all we need.

Does everyone sing together at the same time?

Nope. we collect bytes individually and tie them all up with the magic of editing.

How will it work?

Our team will share a click track with each individual and specify detailed instructions on recording their piece. We will then stitch the videos together

Customer Testimonials

When the team members were sending in their individual bytes, we never expected the outcome to be this phenomenal! At the zoom call, when the final video was showcased, the entire vibe was warm and fuzzy. Great job putting this together!

The beauty of this activity is that the song will be experienced differently with time. Right now the entire batch has only interacted online. As we get to know each other better, it will be great to keep going back to this video with the layer of familiarity added to the mix. I can see this video being played at our reunion even 10 years hence. Thanks for giving us this wonderful memory!