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Haka – Virtual War Cry

This legendary Maori Tribe inspired activity is a sure fire way to get your team pumped even if they are working from home or across different locations

Group Size

10 - 1000



20 mins - 60 mins



AboutHaka – Virtual War Cry

Popularized by the New Zealand rugby team, the Maori inspired Haka can act as a great stress buster and energizer. Our remote take on this helps participants shed inhibitions and step outside their comfort zone. Watching everyone perform simultaneously truly amplifies the experience. Post the demonstration session, we will have the team create its own version of a war cry with gestures & posturing.

Ideal For

Lifting morale of a team, Relieving stress, Engaging at organization level and Integrating new teams

Key Focus Areas

  • Remote Collaboration
  • Diffuse Stress
  • Shedding Inhibitions
  • Energizer
  • Synchronization
  • Creativity

How does it work

Our facilitator, who is trained in performing this Maori war ritual gives an insight into the legends and origins of the activity. This is then followed by the team doing a demonstartion of one of the most popular versions of Haka, The Ka Mate Haka (Authored by Ngāti Toa Rangatira chief Te Rauparaha ). This activity is known for its unique form and is an instant energy booster and destresser for its performers. Post the performance, the team is made to create their own version of a war cry that can be celebratory or motivational


Do I need to know about Haka or Maori culture ?
Not necessarily. Our facilitator will provide you an insight into this traditional art form and its origins and significance
Are there any prerequisites that we need to bring?

All you need is your virtual meeting app and a stable internet connection and be ready to unleash the Maori within you.

Does this activity engage everyone?

The activity is tailored to specifically get everyone to shed inhibitions and get engrossed in this intense routine.

Do I need to know how to perform the Haka?

Nope! Our trainers are well versed in the art form and teach you everything you need to know

Customer Testimonials

"I really want to thank Team Activators, they have been very supportive to the team. It was great to see how they coordinated all the activities and for me, personally I got to learn so many things about myself and the dynamics of a team." - Harish, XCD

"We just experienced Haka and the War Cry activity, they are very different to what I have experienced. It was simple, enjoyable and it helped us come together as a unit. The activity will bring a reaction within the team." - Team Amazon