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The Perfect Blend Of Fun And Engagement Through Gamification

Some of our Popular Team Building Activities!


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“I was skeptical in the beginning as the team consisted of only managers and directors, but Team Activators made it engaging as well as enjoyable. The activities had a good message and the spirits of the team were high.”

– GE Team


“It was a very good event, it was multidimensional and what I really liked was the icebreaker session, it allowed us to connect with each other.”

Rahul , Flexco

“We had two sessions of team building over two days. Every Activity conducted by Team Activators was innovative, engaging and unique. We are really happy to say that the team is going back rejuvenated and work better as a team now than they did before!” Amol Kadam, Indospace
“First of all we would like to thank Team Activators for an amazing session. I think the highlight was seeing the team shed their inhibitions, come together and express themselves.” Puneet, KPMG


Preferred rates, seamless end to end logistics, beautiful off-sites and more! Welcome to Team Engagement, redefined. All our partner venues provide a great backdrop for the team building activities! Backed by our team which is always armed with unique activities and ready for an adventure, it is bound to bring in a whole lot of fun for the team.


Nyathi County



Known for it’s exquisite architecture inspired by the Corinthian era, this spectacular resort is an all-in-one package for a rejuvenating retreat. Surrounded by lush greenery and untouched nature, The Corinthians Resort is the perfect venue to completely detox and get away from the stresses of city life.




Nestled in the pockets of the beautiful Sahyadri Mountains, Paradise Country most definitely lives up to it’s name. This little piece of heaven has all basic amenities, with it’s striking feature being the breathtaking view! What better way to go off the grid and unwind than among stunning hills, crystal clear waterfalls and the misty clean mountain air?




Amidst the bustling Hinjewadi region lies this serene resort. Suitable for business and leisure travellers alike, this resort is often the preferred venue for corporate team engagement off-sites. Equipped with all amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium and more, Zip by spree is the perfect home way from home.


Pune District


Overlooking the splendid Lake Bhatgar, this stunning lake view resort is located in the greener parts of Pune. Ideal for families, friends and corporates, this resort provides the perfect space to break from the robotic routine and let go with a cup of tea with a breathtaking view of the hills.


Pune is located near many amazing wildlife retreats. Our team is always up for an adventure and love to find creative ways to conduct team engagement activities in these picturesque places!


80 km | 1h 40m  At the foot of the Sahyadris in the Raigad district of Maharashtra lies the industrial city of Khopoli. It has the stunning Patalganga river which is efficient used for hydroelectric power. But Khopoli is also known for it’s captivating green landscapes and the pleasant climate. It has breathtaking waterfalls and misty mountain air makes it the perfect home away form home.

LAVASA 95 km | 2h 50m Inspired by the Italian town of Portofino, Lavasa is the picturesque town near Pune. It’s modern and well planned infrastructure gives it a very European vibe to it. This little Italy near Pune has the perfect balance between nature and a well developed city. This quaint little town with the perfect blend of the green hills & boutique stores is the perfect getaway for leisure travellers 


65 km | 1h 20m In the small pockets of the Western Ghats Situated lies the peaceful town of Lonavala. With it’s winding roads and green mountains, it is the perfect way to completely go off the gird and rejuvenate. For the culture fanatics in you, it has it’s Lohagad Fort with it’s four majestic pillars. Lonavala is also known for it’s Buddhist caves for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. In short, Lonavala is a one stop shop for al kinds of travellers.


142 km | 3h 20m Alibaug is the small town located along the coastal region of Mumbai. It is a breath of fresh air from the hustle bustle of the city life. Alibaug really makes one pause, take a deep breath, look around and take in the nature all around. To add to this, the ease of access and the beautiful sandy beaches make it one of the most visited destinations around Mumbai.  


125 km | 2h 40m Mild climate year round and well preserved colonial architecture is what makes Matheran the top destination for a short weekend getaway.  Just a couple of hours from Mumbai is this nature retreat frozen in time. Rich historic trails, and the breathtaking waterfalls are what make this hill station so unique. One gets to experience the exhilaration of riding the narrow-gauge railway on the 1907 Neral–Matheran Toy Train.


120 km | 2h 30m Long walks and stunning landscapes are what Neral is all about. Places like Panorama Point offer spectacular views of the waterfalls and the winding hills. The fresh mountain air, the serenity and the pleasant climate in this rapidly growing city makes it the go-to destination for the much needed break from the hectic routine of the city life.


300 km | 5h In the Ratnagiri district is the quiet town of Chiplun. Known for its mangrove forests and beautiful lakes, the peace and quiet of Chiplun is unmatched. The sunsets from the Koyan Dam are a sight for sore eyes. Chiplun also has the spectacular Chiplun Falls that can be seen on the Konkan railway route. What better way to spend your holiday than to wake up to a stunning sunrise accompanied by the wafting scent of mangoes in the air?


233 km | 4h 35m Known for it’s railway lines winding in and out of the undulating mountains, Igatpuri is th perfect getaway for nature lovers and adventure seekers. This picturesque cluster of hills has a spectacular view that is sure to calm any nerves. This is especially true during monsoons when the landscape is nothing but green with buds ready to bloom. This clean air of the countryside is also the reason many of the ailing are brought here to heal. The train ride and taking in the fresh mountain air are a must-do at least once!


348 km | 6h 23m On the banks of the Daman Ganga river, this town in the Daman region of Maharashtra is known for it’s pristine greenery and architecture. The intricate carving on the colossal stone structures are truly a delight to see. Travel back in time in this beautiful city with a pleasant weather all year round.


422 km | 7h 50 This wildlife sanctuary in Western Karanatka is one of the nature lover’s ultimate destinations. With it’s dense forests and winding forest trails, the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is home to many different and rare species of birds and animal. The Kavala Caves with their behemoth Stalagmites formations lie to the east of the Kali Tiger Reserve.


441 km | 8h 30m A laid back town with the promise of tequila sunsets, white sand beaches and rustic cathedrals – that’s Goa! Situated along the Konkan coast, this little beach town is the perfect blend of Portuguese and Latin culture. This can be seen in the spirit of the residents and music that never stops! Lip smacking Goan food and dancing to latin music with the Azure of the pristine beaches as the backdrop makes Goa one of the most sought after holiday destinations in India!


561 km | 11h Home to a vast array of different cultures living together in harmony is Hyderabad. Though the Hyderabadi Dum biryani is the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of the city, it has a lot more to offer. Steeped in rich ancient history, the archaic city dates as far back as the mighty Mughals! The architecture that the city flaunts tells stories of battles won and lores sung! All in all, this historic time capsule has a little something for everyone.


Along with corporate off-sites, our team finds creative ways to use your office space for fun indoor and outdoor team engagement activities! Be it the conference rooms or cafeteria, Team Activators makes efficient use of these spaces for the team to have a whole lot of fun with the unique set of Team Building activities!


Paint, easels and pastels….Sometimes all it takes is some childhood creativity of Doodle you Picasso to get your team together and make some memories in the process. This activity creatively uses your conference rooms for a fun team engagement session at the end of which the whole team has something to put up on the office walls!


Incorporating the old with the modern is what Selfie Hunt is all about. This modern day treasure hunt is sure to ensure the complete use of the vast outdoor space many companies have. This provides a change of scene and a guaranteed way to make sure every member of the team is involved!


A high energy activity in the confines of the company cafeteria. That’s right! Corporate Masterchef is designed to incorporate team engagement with a whole lot of fun! And the end result is some lip smacking dishes and the whole team working together as a integrated unit.


Whether you’re looking for:

– An Energizer in the middle of a long conference

– An ice breaker to get the team going

– All hands-on activity

– Integration of new team members

We’ve got you covered!

All you need to do is :