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“Creativity is just the mind set free”

And at Team Activators, we help you to do just that! It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane routine of corporate life and forget to think out of the box. Check out some of our activities that bring out the fun element of being creative!


Make Your Own Movie

Use creative ways to write, direct, produce and launch a movie from start to finish. Improvise with the material provided and use the surroundings to create a stunning digital masterpiece!


Get your creative juices flowing as you and your team get together to curate a delicious meal that ill later be tested by the executive chef on-site! Floating aromas and IPL-Style bidding keeps the teams on their toes!


Designed as a CSR, teams use the complete spectrum of their creativity to build and ride a big from scratch. Teams indulge in this fun activity and test the product of their creativity by crossing obstacles on the bike!

Angry birds

Teams use sticks, stones and PVC pipes to creatively build a fully functioning contraption. Working as a unit, they try to beat the other teams on the basis of distance and strength of the contraption – Angry Birds style!


Teams get innovative with colours, pastels and paint to create single pieces of the bigger picture in the most literal sense. Get your hands dirty and rekindle the inner child in this fun activity with your team!


Find creative ways to build a complete watercraft with your team. Use the day-to-day materials provided and bend the laws of physics as you try to stay afloat. Exciting, Nerve wracking and so much fun!