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Problem solving

Team Activators | Team Engagement Reimagined
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Problem solving

Team Activators | Team Engagement Reimagined
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Every project calls for solving for a wide range of problems. Successful teams are able to put together an efficient structure for solving challenges and managing uncertainty. These interesting activities throw up situations that require teams to call on their ‘A Game’ to come out on top

Angry birds

Build a catapult, beat your opponents! Sticks, stones and PVC pipes, the teams figure out how to build the complete contraption and discover the problems that they face and fix them along the way. 


Teams complete a complete meal with the items they acquire through bidding on a time crunch. Learning recipes, getting their hand on the right ingredients and ultimately, getting the well-done from the chef himself!


A lot of problems occur due to lack of communication. This fun twist on pictionary helps with that by having teams explain their cards using only words. Welcome to  problem solving 1-0-1!

Make Your Own Movie

Creating a movie from start to finish is not an easy task. It has a lot of elements starting from writing to producing and directing it. This activity is the perfect setting for problem solving through a lot of elements, creativity and fun!


Colours, pastels and easels. Creating individual pieces to complete the puzzle takes not only coordination, but also strong communication. And Doodle your Picasso gives a glimpse of getting to the bigger picture in a very jovial environment.


Gears, bolts and wheels, teams teams assemble a fully functioning bike from start to finish. This activity is meant to show the importance of team work in solving issues of any magnitude.Teams solve all the hurdles that occur in the process as a unit.