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Doodle From Home

This fun & engaging challenge is great for teams working remotely to come together and work on a shared uplifting message with doodles of creativity

Group Size

10 - 1000



60 mins


Indoor / Virtual

AboutDoodle From Home

Each team member works with materials and colors available at home to bring out aspects and elements of their work from home experience. Themes and instructions are shared by our facilitators Individual images are stitched together as per specifications to bring out the Big Picture

Ideal For

Lifting morale of a team, Creating a digital footprint, Engaging at organization level and Integrating new teams

Key Focus Areas

  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Involve Family
  • Creativity
  • Boost Team Morale

Why Doodling ?

Doodling provides a simplified expression to complicated thoughts and ideas. It sparks creativity and can be a welcome departure from the routine.


Do I need any specific art related material?
No. You can make use of any material available at home. Our facilitator will be able to guide you
Do I need to have professional skills?

Nope. Just your creative mindset!

Do I need to know how to edit videos and make a collage?

Don't worry, that will be done at our end.

Can this be done for large groups ?

Yes. this works for all group sizes

Customer Testimonials

"It was a simple activity, But it got the team together and create a beautiful message during these times, Thank you Team Activators" - Amazon

"The activity helped us get off-work and get our creative hats on. Really enjoyed creating my work." - Team Amazon