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Our expertise in delivering team-building activities make us your perfect partner when it comes to bringing a team together through fun and engagement. Be it an offsite, an event at your own campus, or a virtual engagement, we specialize in activating your team in any setting.

Top Trending Team Building Activities in Bangalore

The Perfect Blend of Fun & Engagement through Gamification

Gamified experiences created to showcase critical skills and build strong bonds between team members, our list of team-building activities is the most innovative you will find out there

Sixty Seconds

Sixty Seconds

This activity is a complete entertainment package. Its great for teams wanting to break the monotony of work from home. The game begins in 3…2…1!

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Home Olympics

Home Olympics

It engages the team through a series of fun challenges that gets them away from the screen and compete with colleagues to have their team top the leaderboard

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Haka – Virtual War Cry

Haka – Virtual War Cry

This legendary Maori Tribe inspired activity is a sure fire way to get your team pumped even if they are working from home or across different locations

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Team Activators IconTeam Activators

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4.9 566 reviews

  • Avatar Nithya Swaminathan ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Great experience. unique set of team games that brought about collaboration between team members. Loved the spirit of the team coordinators.!
  • Avatar Harsha Hegde ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Had awesome team fun session online. Much needed break from the grind
  • Avatar Jonelle Hepworth ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    So thankful to Team Activators to quickly bringing together some fun for our global team. We enjoyed the challenges and engagement and wished we had more time. Cheers!


We work with several resorts in and around Bangalore that make for a great backdrop for conducting your team engagement activities. In addition to helping you avail your preferred rates on these locations, we have an awesome team that can manage your end to end logistics for the off-sites and provide a hassle free experience





Known for it’s unique eco-friendly approach and surrounded by nature, this is the perfect way to take a break & unwind.  The comfortable facilities and rooms which offer value for money, make it a great destination for corporate offsites, team building activities or just a weekend getaway from Bangalore for the entire family. It’s the perfect blend of nature’s beauty and human simplicity through the gentle and gracious hospitality.





Situated just five minutes away from the Bangalore International Airport, the hotel overlooks the mistiness of Nandi Hills and celebrates the vibrant spirit of the city of Bangalore. Nestled in the lush greenery, the luxurious rooms & exsquisite aminities serve all guests with an experience to remember.




Traditional charm meets modern day conveniences here, just an hour oustide Bangalore. The well appointed rooms and facilities are located in pleasing green landscape and offer top of the line amenities that suit both business and leisure travelers.




Surrounded by 8 acres of serene tropical gardens the resort is the perfect location for Weddings, Meetings & Events and is one of the best luxury resorts in Bangalore. Adorned with warm colours and elegant interiors the aesthetically pleasing Deluxe Rooms overlooking the garden and lawns are an epitome of comfort.




Home to a splendid range of sensory treats in the vibrant city of Bangalore, rich in Indian classical history and culture, the resort offers high standards of dedicated service that are the highlights of each experience. 

Food Truck Challenge at Clarks Exotica, Bangalore:

This power packed activity brings out the importance of team work with a dash of fun and a whole lot of creativity! With flaming grills and rich aromas, teams are bound to come together and enjoy every bit of it.

This activity Tests team’s communication and problem solving skills. It engages every member of the team while they put together a complete course from start to finish.

 This can be conducted for teams of 20 to 300 participants in an indoor or outdoor setting!



We have put together a fantastic set of activities that can add life to events at your workplace. Be it energizing a conference, celebrating milestones or engaging the team at an all-hands meet, we creatively use your workspace to create lasting memories

Domino Challenge at LinkedIn, Bangalore

400+ engineers worked closely to build a massive contraption at their workplace. The event won a Silver at the WOW AWARDS ASIA for the Best Corporate Team Building activity.

It can be executed for group sizes of 20 – 1000 at your workplace or an offsite venue of your picking


Have your team breathe life into common spaces within office with activities like Doodle Your Picasso that helps the team unleash their creativity while capturing elements that define the team


How do you get a change of pace at your own workplace? By being part of the Selfie Hunt and exploring and discovering your campus space. Lawns and archways make for the perfect locations for this new age treasure hunt!


Corporate Masterchef is designed in such a way that spaces as small as your company cafeteria are creatively used! For this high energy activity, all you need is to unleash your culinary creativity and the will to run about to beat the clock!


Bangalore is located in close proximity to some fantastic wildlife, beaches and the hills. Our team always has a bag packed and would love to conduct our team bonding sessions in the backdrop of these scenic locations


146 km | 3h 25m 

Mysuru, as it is officially known today, is the home to the ancient castles of the late King of Mysore. The majestic city boasts perfectly preserved imperial architecture, culture and heritage. Dubbed the “Culture captial of Karnataka”, this archaic town is famous for it’s high quality sandalwood, incense and the famous Mysore silk!




183 km | 3h 13m

Old temples, UNESCO heritage sites and untouched culture. That’s Hassan in a nutshell. Hassan is surrounded by stunning sites like Belur & Halebedu and is one of the hidden treaures of Karanataka. Intricate monuments and lush greenery are the highlights of this ancient town.





158 km | 3h 30m

Home to the famous Swamimalai Hills, Yelagiri is trekker’s paradise. This collection of 14 hamlets focused mainly on agriculture, horticulture and forestry is surrounded by lush forests and orchards. With a variety of flower shows and paragliding, this is the perfect getaway for leisure travelers and adrenaline junkies alike!


264 km | 5h 22m

Nestled among the lush greenery and terraces, is the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’. Coorg or Kodagu as it is officially known today, is the coffee bowl of India. Lined with lush green terraces, Coorg is the biggest producer of coffee in Karnataka! 



279 km | 5h 54m

A little under 300 kilometres from Bangalore lies the pristine town of Wayanad. Nestled along the Western Ghats, Wayanad also borders the greener part of Kerala. Apart from it’s lush Amazon-like foliage, the old city is also rich in culture and heritage. So whether you are a nature lover or a culture vulture, Wayanad is the place to go!


221 km | 4h 30m

Located under the shadows of the Western Ghats is the stunning wildlife reserve which is one of the finest habitats for Asian elephants, Gaurs and most importantly, Tigers. Boasting a constant rise in the population of the endangered Tiger, it is also known for Sandalwood trees and other rare species of flora. 


308 km | 6h 9m

Bonjour French colony of India! This town with it’s captivating architecture and old time cafés, is sure to bring out the Frenchman in you. With Auroville just a hop, skip and jump away, Pondicherry is the perfect retreat for anyone who loves crème brûlées, couture fashion and everything French.




348 km | 6h 23m

Not too far from Bangalore lies an ancient city frozen in time. A well planned civilization built over 2 centuries by the kings of the Pallava dynasty, this archaic city is a time capsule covered with huge monolithic structures, with each stone embedded with a piece of ancient history. This UNESCO hertiage site is the best way to take a nostalgic walk and soak in the rich culture. 


348 km | 6h 23m

Situated along the Western Ghats and surrounded by the Arabian Sea on all sides is the main port city of Karantaka. This coastal city is the perfect mix of old and modern. Lined with red tiled buldings, this city of mixed cultures has an old time charm that is hard to resist.


548 km | 10h 18m

Welcome to the fist European township in India. Initially an obscure fishing village, this modern city is a must visit! With a beautiful balance of cultures like Dutch, Europen, Portugese and Indian, this fishing town in God’s own country is a destination that shouldn’t be missed!



556 km | 9h 50m

with the promise of long white sandy beaches, Mocktails and Cathedrals is Goa. Lying in the pockets of the Konkna coast, it is the smallest Indian State with a mixture of Portugese and Latin culture. Feel like a portugese while you walk across the stunning azure of the ocean. If you’re into dance, music, good food and amazing company, Goa is the place to be!



569 km | 7h 30m

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Hyderabad is the famous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani! Along with this delicacy, Hyderabad also boasts a myriad of different cultures that date as far back as the Mughals! The cultural diversity is seen throughout the city in their architecture and all the diverse cultures living together in harmony. It is an experience that cannot be missed!


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