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Brain Freeze – TA Game Show

This virtual game show is based on an exciting format with challenges and trivia that range across genres with unexpected twists and turns

Group Size

20 - 100



60 mins


Indoor / Virtual

AboutBrain Freeze – TA Game Show

This virtual game show is an exciting combination of trivia that spans multiple genres and challenges that engage the entire team. The activity is fun and you come off taking away some interesting tid bits about the world and your team mates in equal measure. From multiple choices to AV clues, this quiz activates your competitive spirit and keeps you hooked as the twists keep the game alive till the very end

Ideal For

New Team Coming Together, Increasing Team Cohesion, Lifting morale of a team,Breaking the monotony of a work from home set up

Key Focus Areas

  • Know your Team
  • Fun and Play
  • Boost Morale
  • Team Bonding

How does it work ?

The group is split into 2-3 teams depending on the group size. The teams go against each other in a bid to top the leaderboard. Teams will need to pick from genres ranging from travel, food, truth or dare, music et al and complete the underlying question or challenge to score. The various built in twists ensure you cannot take a breather even when in the lead


Is this a typical trivia show?
Nope. It is a mix of trivia and fun, team challenges
Do I need any special equipment?

A mobile phone and a working internet connection is all we need. A laptop is preferred

Does this activity engage everyone?

Yes! this works for group sizes of upto 50. For larger teams , we split the group into multiple zoom rooms and run the show

Is this suitable for a global audience

We have different formats where clues and challenges vary based on the demography of the participants

Customer Testimonials

"Team Activators has created something brilliant with this activity. It has a mix of trivia and challenges that engages the whole team. Every player played a role in propelling our team to the top of the leaderboard" - Shivani

"We did not even realize how quickly time passed by, we were having so much fun and it got really competitive and was a really close finish. The most fun we have had as a team since the lock down " - Ashok