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Virtual Beat Studio

Virtual Beat Studio is an end in itself rather than preparation for a performance.

Group Size

upto 20



30 mins - 45 mins



AboutVirtual Beat Studio

The main objective of this session is to share rhythm and get in tune with each other where everyone feeds off each others energy. Creatively use household items, ranging from buckets to cutlery and work with your team in creating a harmony. With teams working remotely, this facilitated activity is a great way to get the spirits high.

Ideal For

Getting people to think creatively, Lifting morale of a team, Breaking the monotony of work

Key Focus Areas

  • Creativity
  • Cross functional collaboration
  • Team bonding
  • Spontaneity

Why this ?

You dont need to own a drum kit to make music. The idea is to find music in every day things and look at things around you with a different perspective. Don't forget that any time spent with "drum sticks" in your hands is worthwhile.


Do I need professional equipment?
No, you can create music with anything you find around you,
Will we get any assistance from the trainer's end?

Yes, the trainers will be present to help you with any problems.

Can this work with very large teams?

With large teams the signal to noise ratio is very low for this activity. So we prefer to work with smaller teams for this specific activity.

Do I need to have a deep understanding of music?

No. We all have an innate appreciation for music. This activity only calls on that

Customer Testimonials

"It was a great jam! When we started off, I didnt think we would be able to create such a wonderful beat together" - Samay

"The best part was that everyone had fun together. It was great to see the range of instruments people assembled. " - Kiran