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The MadAd Show

A game show where your love for ad trivia and the team's creativity meets madness

Group Size




60 mins


Indoor / Virtual

AboutThe MadAd Show

The MadAd Show is a fun activity that lets the team wind down and engage virtually. Kicking off with a quiz show which is a throwback to retro ads, the activity ends with teams collaborating remotely to make an advertisement of their own

Ideal For

Breaking the monotony of a work from home set up, Collaborating remotely, Getting people to think out of the box

Key Focus Areas

  • Fun and Play
  • Creativity
  • Listening Skills
  • Communication
  • Quick thinking

What is MadAds ?

For the uninitiated, Mad Ads can be thought of as a crude form of theatre, with roots firmly in comedy.
Our virtual take on MadAds fuses a ad trivia game show with a fun ad showcase which tests the teams ability to creatively collaborate


Do I need an indepth knowledge into marketing and advertising?
Nope. you already know what you need to know!
Do I need any special equipment?

A mobile phone and a working internet connection is all we need.

Does this work with large groups ?

The quality of interactions are richer with smaller teams and we wouldnt prefer to exceed 50

Is the activity completely real time?

The activity is delivered real time on a platform of your choice

Customer Testimonials

"Some of the questions definitely took me back and very creative set of questions put across. Had a lot of fun"

"The last activity made things more interesting and all the creative ones were at their best to deliver. Good mix creativity and trivia"