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Gif War

A short, ridiculously fun activity to get everyone exercising their creative and competitive spirit

Group Size

20 - 100



10 mins - 20 mins



AboutGif War

A fun twist to online banter between friends and colleagues. As the name suggests, the facilitator will set up a war of GIFs between teams. Creativity and humor will definitely carry additional points for the team

Ideal For

New teams coming together, Breaking the monotony of a work from home set up, Creating a competitive spirit, Team Cohesion

Key Focus Areas

  • Creativity
  • Relieve stress
  • Team bonding
  • Spontaneity

How it works.

How the game works is that you have multiple rounds with a different theme. Our facilitator will set up a platform for collaborating, searching and sharing GIFS. Each round will end with a round of voting to determine the last GIF standing.


What are GIFS?
GIFs are short animations and video footage that are used to communicate thoughts or ideas
What are the categories that we will be duelling ?

The categories will be shared real time as we want to test your spontaneity

Does this activity engage everyone?

The activity is designed to specifically get everyone participate and is high on energy. We can see this becoming a regular ritual within the team even once the activity is done.

Do I need to download external applications for this activity?

No, we will provide an online tool which can be accessed for the activity

Customer Testimonials

"Fun icecbreaker. Perfect activity to have a good laugh or banter with colleagues."

"This activity helped everyone ease into the session and helped us overcome initial struggles."