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Blind Origami

The purpose of this activity is to highlight the importance of providing clear requirements and keen listening

Group Size

20 - 100



20 mins - 30 mins



AboutBlind Origami

In this activity one team member makes an origami figure using our instructions. Without seeing, each person must attempt to reproduce the origami based only on what the team member is instructing them! The ultimate goal is to have each member create a craft closely resembling the original. This demonstrates how ambiguity in communication and discounting process can lead to deviation from desired outcome.

Ideal For

Team with communication barriers, Increasing team understanding,Breaking the monotony of a work from home set up

Key Focus Areas

  • Creativity
  • Cross functional collaboration
  • Effective Communication
  • Listening skills

How does it work ?

The person with the instructions (the instructor) should guide their teammates (the receivers) through the steps to create an origami structure via videoconferencing software (but with the camera turned off).


Will there be any videos provided for help?
No, the only assistance will be provided by the team-mate.
What origami will be creating?

That is something that will figure out by the end of the session.

Can this work for large groups ?

It can be challenging to follow instructions but it can be done for sizable groups.

What if I miss a step and need help?

Try to eliminate as much errors as possible. In a few rounds you can ask questions to the moderator.

Customer Testimonials

"Very tricky activity, had a lot of fun doing the origami. Improved the team's listening skill"

"Enhanced my listening and coordinating ability. Real fun but really shows the importance of communication."