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Mad Over Drums

Get your team in-sync as you beat to the rhythm, ignite your senses and energize your spirit!

Group Size

8 - 200+



45 - 60 Mins



About Mad Over Drums

This high energy session helps break monotony and bond together by creating synergy of beats using the African drums called the Djembes. The activity allows the teams to diffuse stress and manage conflict as they come together enabling their creative flow and energy to synchronize the beats to form music.

Ideal For

New team coming together, Increasing team cohesion, Lifting morale of a team, Breaking the monotony of daily work,

Key Focus Areas

  • Diffuse Stress
  • Team Bonding
  • Coordination
  • Energizer Celebration
  • Creativity

What It Entails

Mastering drumming techniques, coordinating rhythms with teammates, and creating original beats are all potential challenges. The goal is to synchronize rhythms, foster teamwork through music, and unleash creative energy to create captivating drumming performances.