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Time Out

In this explosive challenge, diffuse a ticking bomb with your team in a race against time!

Group Size

6 - 200+



60 - 90 Mins



About Time Out

In this heart-pounding team activity, participants must work together to solve a series of challenging puzzles and riddles to diffuse a bomb before time runs out.

Ideal For

New team coming together, Increasing team Cohesion, Lifting morale of a team, Breaking the monotony of daily work.

Key Focus Areas

  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Critical Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Fun/Play

What It Entails

Teams may encounter hurdles such as deciphering complex puzzles under time pressure, coordinating multiple team members to solve different challenges simultaneously, and managing stress levels as the clock ticks down. The essential key is to stick together as a team to move forward.