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Gully Cricket

An exciting, super-quirky version of cricket played with mammoth bats and ridiculous rules!

Group Size

8 - 200+



30 - 45 Mins



About Gully Cricket

A unique take on cricket that's sure to amp up the atmosphere and super charge the competitive vibe. A bat so large that it needs to be wielded by four batters and obstructions that mimic the most challenging of gully cricket courses. Rally your squad, plan and strategize to exploit the quirky rules so you can beat your opponents and build your street cred.

Ideal For

New team coming together, Increasing team cohesion, Lifting morale of a team, Breaking the monotony of daily work.

Key Focus Areas

  • Diffuse Stress
  • Collaboration
  • Strategy/Planning
  • Fun/Play
  • Team Spirit

What It Entails

Tasks may involve scoring boundaries, maintaining solid fielding amidst pressure, or devising tactics to outwit adversaries. The objective is to collaborate seamlessly, adjust to evolving match dynamics, and demonstrate cricketing excellence in an animated contest.