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AI Quest

Embark on a thrilling 'AI Quest' as teams dive into the exciting world of generative AI!

Group Size

8 - 600+



90 - 120 Mins



About AI Quest

As the adventure unfolds, teams will tackle fun tasks and challenges, carefully curated to ignite creativity, teamwork, friendly competition and demonstrate the incredible capabilities of generative AI. These activities will range from creative projects that involve generating art, music, or storytelling to problem-solving scenarios where AI tools can be applied to streamline processes or optimize decision-making.

Ideal For

New team coming together, Getting people to think out of the box, Increasing Team Cohesion, Lifting morale of a team, Breaking the monotony of daily work.

Key Focus Areas

  • Hands on with AI
  • Time Management
  • Fun/Play
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
What It Entails

In this immersive team-building experience participants will find themselves at the forefront of the advancing world of artificial intelligence. The activity is thoughtfully designed to be both innovative and enjoyable, aiming to create a setting that captivates the teams from the start.