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Build your EV

Get to know your EV

In the process of crafting your own electric car, understanding the core components and their seamless integration is paramount to success

The Battery: At the heart of every EV lies the battery, a powerhouse storing electrical energy. Commonly lithium-ion, its capacity dictates the vehicle’s range, offering a dynamic balance between energy density and recharge-ability.
What we are using : 12v rechargeable lithium ion battery

The Motor: Replacing traditional internal combustion engines, electric vehicles embrace electric motors. Options range from AC to DC motors, each converting electrical energy from the battery into the mechanical force required for motion.

What we are using:  6v DC motors to drive individual wheels


The Motor Controller: Functioning as the vehicle’s brain, the motor controller interprets signals from an array of sources, primarily the Arduino controller. It regulates the power supplied to the electric motor, ensuring smooth acceleration, deceleration, and energy regeneration during braking.
What we are using: LM 298 motor controller

Arduino Controller: Integrating the power of programming, the Arduino controller acts as the orchestrator. It receives input signals from user interfaces like the accelerator pedal and steering wheel, translating them into precise commands for the motor controller. In this case, it will be relay signals received via the bluetooth module, HC 05

Chassis: The chassis forms the structural backbone, balancing strength, weight, and aerodynamics. Its design influences the overall performance of the electric vehicle, emphasizing the importance of a well-engineered framework.

Wheels: Wheels are the tangible link between the electric motor’s power and the road. Tires provide traction, while the wheels transmit power from the motor to the ground. Proper alignment and tire selection are pivotal for both efficiency and safety.

All coming together

Below is a visual of the Hyundai Ioniq5 E-GMP platform where all of these components come together in a beautiful skateboard design

Below is a video walk through by Tafhim Nasir of assembling the different modules and making the electrical connections

Electrical Connections


Motors Connection:

Out1 -> Left Side Motor Red Wire (+ )

Out2 -> Left Side Motor Black Wire ( – )

Out3 -> Right Side Motor Red Wire ( + )

Out4 -> Right Side Motor Black Wire ( – )

LM298 – > Arduino

IN1 -> D5

IN2-> D6

IN3 ->D10

IN4-> D11

Bluetooth Module -> Arduino

Rx-> Tx

Tx ->Rx


Vcc -> 3.3V

Power :

12V – > Connect Battery Red Wire

GND -> Connect Battery Black wire and Arduino GND pin

5V -> Connect to Arduino 5V pin


The below Code has been preloaded on to the Arduino Uno board in interest of optimizing for time. You can have a look at the code to understand what commands will lead to what actions

RC Car Code with Arduino

Remote Control

You will need to download the below app from Android Play store to control the car via Bluetooth. Please pair your device with Hc-05 Bluetooth module and use the key 1234 for pairing.

Once paired, you will need to open the app and configure the keys per the code and connect the app to the module

Suggested pairing:
1 – 1 ( Slow Speed )
2- 9 ( high Speed )

L – Left

R – Right

F – Forward

B – Back

Android Play store Link

Let’s stay curious and explore!