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Novotech AI Quest

Congratulations on completing the first step!

The AI Quest begins now. There is a lot to be done to win the championship

A quick note before you begin:

Listed below are a set of challenges. Over the course of the challenges you will get to experience the power of Gen AI and get a glimpse into the potential that AI holds. We hope these tasks pique your curiosity to explore AI in greater depth


  • You will be scored based on the quality of your tasks and deliverables. 
  • Every task will be scored on a scale of 1 to 10
  • Complete as many as you can in the time allocated
  • You can have different members in your team work on different tasks in parallel. Strategize to complete as many tasks as you can. 
  • However, for tasks where the entire team is needed in the picture / video, points will be deducted if members are missing ( Barring 1 member handling the camera )
  • The team that scores the highest in the allocated time slot wins the AI quest
  • Your team will need at least 1 laptop connected to the internet
  • You might be required to sign up on some AI tools / sites. 
  • You DO NOT need to enter your credit card information or make any payments in order to complete these tasks
  • You are free to accomplish the task using a different AI tool if you are familiar with another
  • If a particular website is down, please look up other tools that do a similar task


Important note: To leverage the power of generative AI, the quality of prompts is crucial. So invest your team efforts in generating high quality prompts. Be creative, be descriptive. 


Ready! Get Set! Go go go!

Task 1

Let’s get started with creating your team identity.  You have a team name already. You can choose to keep it or pick a new one instead. You will need a Tagline and logo that best reflects your team’s personality 

Deliverable: Create a Whatsapp group and set the newly minted logo as the group display image, the Tagline as the description and the team name as the group name.

Add the below phone number and your teammates to the Whatsapp group:

Febin : 96051 30044

Aayush : 8296615934

Recommended Tools:

Team name and Tagline ideas: Chat GPT:  https://chat.openai.com/

Logo creation : https://brandmark.io/ or https://www.logoai.com/


Task 2

You have a team. You have the team identity sorted. You need a war cry to pump yourself up. The war cry will need to have 3 stanzas with each stanza having a maximum of 20 words

Suggested Tool: Chat GPT

Tip: It’s all about the prompt quality

Deliverable: Post the war cry on the Whatsapp group


Task 3

Create 3 AI avatars. Don’t forget to save them. You will be using these in your next task

3.1 : Create a portrait of a human that does not exist

Suggested tool: https://this-person-does-not-exist.com/en

Take a second to acknowledge that this face isn’t that of a real person. Fake identities created with AI are becoming a huge problem. Next time you receive a connection request, it’s going to get harder to tell if it’s a bot or a human!

3.2: Create an AI avatar of one of your team members

3.3: Create an AI avatar generated by text prompts fed by your team

Suggested tool: https://creator.nightcafe.studio

Deliverable: Send the 3 avatars on the Whatsapp group.


Task 4 

Have the avatars created in Task 3 voice out the war cry created in Task 2. Each of the avatars will voice out one stanza of the war cry

Suggested tool: https://studio.d-id.com/

Tip: Choose a voice profile that best suits your war cry

Deliverable: You can stitch the 3 videos and send us the final output on the whatsapp group. If short of time, you can send us the 3 videos individually


Task 5

Lightning Bolt Challenge: Let us see your whole team together.Huddle up your team and create a GIF of your team doing the famous Usain Lightning Bolt pose. We need everyone from the team in the frame.

Ok, now time for some AI magic. Replace the background of the GIF to an image of Usain bolt doing the pose after breaking the world record

Suggested Tool: https://www.unscreen.com/

Tip: Try to pose against a not so cluttered background

Deliverable: Send us the gif with the replaced background


Task 6

Create an AI Art Work using extremely detailed descriptions. Each and every one of your team member must provide a prompt that goes into detailing out the artwork

Suggested Tool: https://neural.love/ai-art-generator

Deliverable: Send us your prompt and the resulting artwork. If it’s fantastic, we might just mint it into an NFT 


Task 7

Capture a picture with everyone of your team members doing their best yoga pose. 

Now for the AI part. Erase out 2 of the folks from the picture whose poses were well.. Not quite up to the mark

Suggested Tool: https://magicstudio.com/magiceraser/ 

Deliverable: Send us the before and after pics


Task 8

Do the mannequin challenge with your team with a theme of your choice.

Now create an AI song that will act as the background music for this video 

Suggested Tool:



Deliverable: Send us the video with the background music

Task 9

Conceptualize a quirky product launched by your team and create a fun landing page for it.

Suggested Tool: https://framer.com/

Tip: Make the prompt as detailed and as fun as possible

Deliverable: Send us the link for the landing page and the prompt used to create it

Let’s stay curious and explore!

This activity was designed to pique your interest in AI and its possibilities. We hope you are now sufficiently intrigued to go deeper!