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Mindfulness Workshop

Min Duration

60 mins

Group Size

up to 20 people


Virtual / Onsite

Good For

Managing Stress

About Amazing Race
This activity is our attempt to blend high impact team building with rich destination and cultural immersion. It requires the team to race across locations of significance within the region and complete exciting challenges involving experiencing local cuisine and culture. The structure of the race requires the team to collaborate, problem solve, bring out their creativity and push boundaries to solve clues, excel in challenges and top the leader board.

Challenges are specific to the destination and can range from experimentation with cuisine to flash mobs and mannequin challenges involving the locals.

Key Focus Areas
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Cultural Appreciation
  • Fun & Play
  • Problem Solving
Can be tailored for: 

Team collaboration, leadership, gamified learning and new member integration.

Challenges are specific to the destination and can range from experimentation with cuisine to flash mobs and mannequin challenges involving the locals.


– Blend Site-Seeing with Team Building

– Destination Immersion

– The Exciting Amazing Race Format

What our clients say

When the concept of the Great Wayanad Hustle was shared with us ,we were excited as it addressed our problem statement perfectly. However, given our large team size we were anxious about the logistical complexity in putting an event of this scale together. But everything was put together and executed beautifully and we got to try the local cuisine, performed flash mobs in public, did the mannequin challenge by the ghats and truly experienced the place. We have received exceptional feedback from all members who were part of this

– Sanjeev Das, Director, EY

Getting 300 people together to explore various locales, cuisine and flavours of the location, while integrating exciting team building activities into the mix presented a massive challenge. Hats off to the team for pulling this off the way they did.


– Arun Thakur, Manager

The activity helped me make friends and build a strong connect with people I had never interacted with within the organization. All 8 challenges had a different theme and required everyone in our team to work together to accomplish the goal. I can’t wait to see what these guys are going to do for our next event

– Aishwarya, Associate Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this event be conducted at a location of my choice?

This event is location-agnostic. Event will consist of challenges which will allow the participants to experience the culture.

We are a small team of 10. Can we do this activity?

Yes, the event can be done with 10 participants. Large group sizes are never an issue

Do I have to carry money for this event?

Yes, a certain sum of money will be needed, but let’s keep that a secret.

What is the mode of transport that will be used?

The mode of transport will depend on the number of participants, location and the tasks. It will be informed prior to the event.

Can we use mobiles for the event?

Mobiles are a necessity in today’s world. Yes, you can use mobiles.

Does this activity engage everyone?

The activity is designed to have everyone play a role in the Amazing race and work together.

Will there be someone to assist us with the technicalitites of the challenge?

Yes. Though the activity completely depends on your team’s resourcefulness, help will be provided for the technical aspects.

Is there anything we need to bring ?

Everything that is required for the event will be informed prior.

Do I need to know about the location before the event?

No, the event is designed in a way which allows the participants to learn about the culture and ethnicity of the location.

Are there any tasks which are physically challenging?

Maybe, that depends how fit you are but they will definitely test your mental capabilities.